LUC of Sweden

Lena   •   Ulrika   •   Carlsson

The LUC story

Lena Ulrika Carlsson is the woman behind LUC. She is certified master gem cutter and gemologist. Her enthusiasm for jewelry doesn’t stop there as she is also CEO of the Swedish trade organization Smycken och Klockor (Jewellery and watches) and is an active member of the Swedish National Gemological Organization.

The LUC story begins in the early -70’s when Lena was a barn mouse at her first riding school in Stockholm. She saw her trainer Jana L Rooth paint her brushes and grooming kit with her initials J.L.R. All of a sudden, all the girls in the stable painted their brushes with their own initials. Thus, the LUC name was born, and has followed Ulrika through her life. It is a homage to the beginning of a life long love of horses.

The barn environment is filled with inspirational shapes and forms that can be captured in precious metal as elegant jewelry. Elemental and almost primitive prices of tack such as the bit, stirrup and curb chain can be transformed from bulky iron wear into iconic and feminine accessories to be worn in and out of the stable.

The new edition to the LUC family is the sports line. Enthusiasts of hockey, soccer and golf can now show their passion in hand crafted jewelry.

All products wearing the LUC name come from sustainable suppliers that follow the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. All materials must be ethically made and sustainably sourced, with respect to the human rights stated in the charter. Recycled materials are used as much as possible. LUC is happy repurpose your inherited, cherished, or worn out jewelry into a new creation you’ll love to wear.